solid PVC hardboard

solid PVC hardboard

The solid PVC hardboard, a plastic system made of solid PVC, is heavier than the foamed PVC panel (exampl. Forex). These sheets are characterized by a uniform coloring to the core as well as a smooth surface.

This amorphous thermoplastic resin has high resistance to low temperatures and is environmentally friendly because the panels are recyclable. The massive PVC panel is flame resistant and resistant to chemicals and corrision. High resistance to acids, alkalis and salt solutions enable application for chemical containers and apparatus construction. The plates are an ideal material for indoor and outdoor use.

Characteristics: high stability despite low weight, insensitive surface with particularly good surface quality, simple mechanical processing with standard tools of wood and plastic processing, flame retardant and self-extinguishing, very robust and thus suitable for longer-term use indoors,

Machining: Sawing, Form cutting / milling, Drilling, Bonding, Files, Planing, Grinding, Welding, Screws

Application: sign construction, exhibition construction, interior design, shop window design, partition walls, chemical industry, construction industry, electrical engineering, printing, photo industry, model building, interior design, shop building, apparatus and container construction, u.v.m.

The given dimensions can be variable up to 10 mm.

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  • color: white, black, grey RAL 7011
  • Sheetthikness: 1,0 till 10,0 mm 
  • Sheetsizes : 2000 x 1000* mm or 1500 x 1000 * mm or 1000 x 1000* mm or 1500 x 500 mm or 1000 x 495 mm or 495 x 495 mm
  • Wir verwenden hochwertige massive PVC- Hart-Platten namhafter Herrsteller wie Kömmerlin (Profine) und Röchlung.

* only available for germany

Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
9,90 € within / 39,90 € outside Germany