Polycarbonat sheets Makrolon® / Lexan®

Polycarbonat sheets Makrolon® / Lexan®

Makrolon ® is a registered trademark of Bayer AG and Lexan® is a registered trademark of SABIC


Polycarbonate sheets are the ideal replacement for traditional glazing materials. They are easy, safe to use.


Features: very good optical properties, high transparent, smooth surface, high weather resistance, high impact strength, high hardness, elastic, good chemical resistance, good electrical insulator, good adhesive properties, unbreakable, about 50% lighter than glass, physiologically safe


Application: Apparatus, medical, electronics, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, automotive aerospace, construction industry, advertising industry, optics, modeling
Usability: machine cover, glazing of schools, halls, hall doors, industrial vehicles, lamp cover, insulating parts, housing, cover, en, bobbins, medical supplies, etc.



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New Polycarbonat sheets

  • 0.75 till 9,5 mm sheetsize: 680 x 620 mm or 1250 mm x 680 mm and  2050 x 1250 mm


can be shipped within 2 days

New Makrolon® UV

  • 2,0 till 15 mm sizes: app.  750 x 680 mm | 1520 mm x 680 mm | app.. 2050 x 1520 mm | 3050 x 2050 mm


can be shipped within 2-4 days
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
9,90 € within / 39,90 € outside Germany