Carbon sheets

Carbon sheets

The CF-epoxy sheet HT is a mechanical construction material.

Individual carbon fibers are woven into a plastic matrix. This carbon fabric (CF) is pressed with the epoxy resin (epoxy). This combination results in excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical properties. Compared to the glass fiber sheet, the carbon sheet has higher mechanical properties and lighter weight. This Carbonsheet has no insulating property and is therefore not an electrical functional material. HT stands for high temperature, because these CF-epoxy sheets HT are suitable for use in large temperature ranges up to 170 ° C.

Properties: The self-extinguishing epoxy resin and the carbon fabric give the composition excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical properties. Due to this, the plates can be used in temperature ranges up to 170 ° C. Compared to glass fiber plate, this carbon plate has lower weight, higher bending strength and higher mechanical properties. Due to the surface structure, the material is also used for aesthetic purposes.

Since this Carbonsheet contains carbon fibers, carbon particles can be released during cutting. These particles are electrically conductive. If after cutting this sheet an electrically insulating plate is processed, the workplace should be thoroughly cleaned at first, otherwise the carbon particles can transform the insulating plate to the ladder.

Processing possibilities: The CF epoxy plates can be very well drilled, milled, sawed, sanded, glued, etc.

Area of ​​application: Interior design, shop window design, model construction, shopfitting, construction parts in mechanical engineering, sliding elements, aerospace, partly in vehicle construction, sports equipment such u.a. Bicycle frames, tennis rackets, fishing rods, u.v.m.

There may occasionally be slight signs of storage on the surface of the plate, which will not affect the properties.

The sheetsizes can varry up to 2 mm.

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  • thickness 0,3 bis 3,0 mm
  • Sheetsizes  appr. 260 x 260 mm 520 x 260 mm | 1050 x 520 mm | 2100 x 1050 mm

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9,90 € within / 39,90 € outside Germany