Typ:EP GC 202 similar to FR4 green

Typ:EP GC 202 similar to FR4 green

Fiberglass (glass fabric-based laminates) is a pressed material consisting of special fiberglass cloth impregnet with thermosetting epoxy resin binder. The material has good processability characteristics. Compete successfully with metals, plastics, carbon fiber. Exellent electric performance and mechanical properties.

Applications: Is ussed for manufacture of gears. transformer spacers, electrical generators, low voltage insulating washers, warm wheels, bushings, bearings, cams, seal rings, pulleys and other articles of industrial application. The material is applicatedmaiinly in transformator and motor engineering, houshold appliance engineering, switch engineering, measuring devices, machine and instrumental engineering.

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  • 0,2 till 20,0 mm is approximately 520 x 250 mm and 1050 x 520 mm

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