Spectar PETG

Spectar PETG

PETG is a thermoplastic extruded copolyester sheet (polyethylene terephthalate with glycol)

Spectar ® PETG, also known as polyester plates, is a registered trademark of Quinn plastics. These tranparent plates are suitable for indoor and outdoor use due to their properties.

Properties: low water absorption, flame retardant, sterilizable, break resistant, resistant to impacts (up to -30 ° C), weather-resistant, high impact strength, halogen free, good electrical insulating properties, environmentally friendly, physiologically harmless, ..

Processing: welding, gluing, polishing, printing, sawing, drilling, punching, ...

Area of application: Interior design, shop window design, chemical industry, construction industry, model building, interior decoration, shopfitting, mechanical engineering, trade fair construction, advertising industry, toy industry, display construction, packaging material, u.v.m.

The given dimensions can vary up to +20 mm.

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  • 1,5 till 5,0 mm sheetsizes appr.. 600 x 510 mm | appr. 1020 x 600 mm | appr. 1500 x 600 mm | appr.. 2050 x 61250 mm

The dimension can vary up to +20 mm.

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7,90 € within / 14,90 € outside Germany