tax free information



If you have a valid VAT ID, we can charge your order without VAT.

According german law, we need to confirm the VAT ID each time, before creating an invoice. Therefore please write every time in your order (before sending the final order you can write additional information), that you want to pay without taxes and give us your VAT nr. After that we contact the federal bureau of taxes and they confirm your VAT nr. This procedere take approx. 3 hours ( the fed. bureau of taxes is available 8-15:30 o´clock on working days).
After the confirmation we will write you an email, with the information for the payment (net amount, bank transfer, paypal, invoice address).
If you done the payment in the meantime with taxes (in payment with paypal you can not choose ´paying without taxes´), we will send you the tax back to your account.

For further questions, please contact us via email.