Acrylglas Plexiglas®

Acrylglas Plexiglas®

Plexiglas®, a solid plate made of PMMA, is a registered trademark of Evonic Röhm GmbH.

Polycasa XT ® is a registered trademark of Polycasa and manufacturer of the mirror plate PMMA is EU Mirror.

This acrylic glass plate is particularly durable due to UV resistance and weather resistance.

The Plexiglas® GS is cast material and is the first choice for high-quality glazing due to its high quality surface and flatness. The Plexiglas® XT, on the other hand, is an extruded material.

Please do not clean these sheets with alcohol or solvents, as stress corrosion cracking may occur. Avoid rubbing dry, since the plates can react in a scratch-sensitive manner. The mirror layer of the PMMA mirror plate is not weather-resistant or moisture-resistant because of its manufacturing process (evaporation method). The mirror layer is torn when there is a supply of moisture or weather. It is therefore recommended to use the panel in dry interior areas or to bond the edges with silicone.

Properties: suitable for long-term use indoors and outdoors, due to weather and aging resistance, approx. 11 times as break-proof as glass, good thermoformable, easy to bond, for examle with Acrifix reaction adhesives, the plate can be optically worked up by the polishing, the clear material has a better light permeability than polycarbonate,

Processing possibilities: Sawing, cutting / milling, punching, gluing, drilling, grinding, polishing, planing, engraving

If desired, we can provide you with processing instructions from the manufacturer as a PDF file in german language only.

Application area: balcony covering, automotive and transport, bathroom & wellness, aircraft construction, communication areas, house and garden, industry, architecture, signage construction, exhibition construction, interior design, shop window design, and much more

The given dimensions can be variable up to 5 mm.

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The sheetsizes can vay up to 5 mm.


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