PVC Integral foam

PVC Integral foam

The PVC integral foam plate is characterized by his stiffness, his low weight and the silk-like surface. This smooth and solid or solid surface envelops the fine-celled core. PVC integral foam panels are produced in a work process. They consist of one and the same material and are therefore also homogeneously dyed. Due to its good processing properties and the properties, the PVC integral foam panel is versatile in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Properties: low thermal conductivity, weather-resistant, light weight, bend-resistant, moisture resistant, flame retardant, uv-resistant, easy to print, ...

Processing possibilities: Sawing, Form cutting / cutting, Cutting, Drilling, Bonding, Foldering, Planing, Grinding, Screwing, Printing, Turning, Filing, Bending, Edging, Thermoforming, ..

Applications: displays, advertising signs, interior design, inscription boards, letter production, exhibition and exhibition stands, shop window decoration, modeling, shopfitting, interior decoration, door and window elements, cladding, construction industry, molded parts, chemical and laboratory furniture, furniture industry, shipbuilding, container and vehicle interior , And much more

The given dimensions can be variable up to 5 mm.

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  • mm  in sheetsizes : 750 x 605 mm or 1220 x 750 mm or 1520 x 1220 mm
  • 10 mm  in sheetsizes : 700 x 620 mm or 1250 x 740 mm or 1480 x 1250 mm
  • 19 mm in sheetsizes : 290 x 200 | 290 x 240 | 710 x 120 | 750 x 300 |  1250 x 750 mm

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